The light on Linux®

# What?

Copacabana Linux, is an independent Linux® distribution focused on simplicity, sanity, modularity and liberty (as in Enlightenment).
It is based on musl as the C standard library and a custom and modernized fork of Heirloom Toolchest combinated with some complementary modern OpenBSD utilities as UNIX® basic command line utilities.
It uses a *BSD-inspired distribution model, based in tarball stages, not on the "everything is a package" paradigm; since it's fairly simpler to package, distribute and maintain.

# Why?

"Competition is good, principally if it's offering more freedom."
- Luiz A. Rangel (takusuman), in uberports' manual

We always thought that brazilian distributions weren't exactly neither original nor independent, since all of them are dependent on other Linux distributions, or just do the same bread-and-butter of "GNU userland + Linux kernel".
We also never liked the community model that most distributions follow; that are the main reasons why we're here.

# How?

Note: please, ignore NATO phonetic alphabet; it's a placeholder

A = Alfa
B = Bravo
C = Charlie
D = Delta
E = Eco
F = Foxtrot
G = Golf
H = Hotel
I = India
J = Juliet
K = Kilo
L = Lima
M = Mike
N = November
O = Oscar
P = Papa
Q = Quebec
R = Romeo
S = Sierra
T = Tango
U = Uniform
V = Victor
W = Whisky
X = X-ray
Y = Yankee
Z = Zulu

# Contributing?

# Who?

## Directly related with the distribution

  • Luiz A. Rangel (takusuman), for the most part of the work; L.E.mount; Mitzune; building; maintaining and writing documentation
  • Caio Yoshimura (caioyoshi), for some hacking in scripts and the Vim dotfile for ones who want to code for the project

## WWW infrastructure

  • Vitor S. Almeida (vit0rr), for programming the original website and helping me to maintain it;
  • Leonardo Rafael (ileonardohe4rt💜), for completely rewriting the website with mdbootstrap in 12th January 2022;
  • Luiz A. Rangel (takusuman), for being the original webmaster from around July 2019 to August 2021;
  • Vitor (apocalipse/apc), for hosting everything and being our current webmaster. :^)

## Artistic work

  • Kayo Henrique (Tamboru), for all the graphics-related work. Seriously, the distribution and the project itself wouldn't even have a logo if it wasn't him