The light on Linux®

# What?

Copacabana Linux, is an independent Linux® distribution focused on sanity, modularity and liberty (as in Enlightenment).
It aims to be a complete, malleable and simple operating system solution for use in many environments like workstations, laptops and servers.
It is based on musl as the C standard library and Heirloom NG as UNIX®-compatible basic command line utilities.

It uses a *BSD-inspired distribution model — based on stages, not on the "everything is a package" paradigm — since it's fairly simpler to package, distribute and maintain.

# How?

Copacabana is made following the same building model that Linux from Scratch/Musl-LFS follows, that is building the distribution in three parts: a cross-compiler; a set of basic tools and the final system, explaining it in a much more simplified form.
But, while Linux from Scratch don't in fact have a build consolidation, Copacabana makes use of tools to automatize the process of mounting disks and entering in the final system stage with chroot, along with another set of small Shell script hacks present at the cmd/ directory in the git repository.
If you're interested in building from scratch and/or porting Copacabana for other architecture, please read "Porting Copacabana to other architectures".

# Download a copy

The newest release is , released on .
You can get its binary tarballs at Pindorama project servers, and then install following the documentation (soon).

Or, if you like terminals:

	$ lynx

Of course, you can also clone the git repository and build it from source using the build system scripts — please, take a read at "Porting Copacabana to other architectures".

	$ git clone -b [X.X|master]

# Chip in!

We can't do this alone. Here are ways of how can you chip in.

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Chip in to internationalize our software and documentation!
Everything is public in our repositories. Yeah, that's right: no closed groups, sub-projects nor mailing lists.
It's just translate and pull request your translation.

## Porting Copacabana to other architectures

Copacabana main focus is to be a multi-purpose Linux®-based and UNIX®-compatible operating system and, after all, to be running in multiple places over the World.
And you can help us to achieve this porting Copacabana to other architectures.

Currently, Copacabana is getting binary releases for x64; our current goal is to get binary releases for ARM and i386 (x86) architectures.

Recompiling Copacabana for another host isn't something extremely hard, since, besides all the scripts and patches are open at the git repository, the process itself is being described in more depth at the Copacabana tabula, with additional sidenotes and troubleshooting.
If you've made a port, you can announce it at the Pindorama mailing list at

## Spread the word around!

We strongly encourage that you use these badges freely, both in the 'net or in the real life.

Put them in your website, stick them on your workstation or laptop, use it freely within the bounds of good taste and common sense.

If you're going to use these in your website, you may wish to take 102x46px badges to embed in the footer, or, if you're going to put in some article, the 256 colours version, which is far smaller than the full version and don't have a significant loss.

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Have you been using some of them? Tell us about.

# On the media!

Sometimes we get media coverage, take a look.

## January 2022

  • Conheça o projeto #Pindorama, Toca do Tux, 23th January 2022
  • The professor and systems administrator Gabriel Silveira interviews Luiz Antônio about the Pindorama project, the Copacabana distribution and his views on licenses, competition and alternatives currently being used in the distribution.

    ## December 2023

  • firasuke/awesome: A curated list of awesome projects, firasuke's GitHub account, 9th December 2023
  • Copacabana is one of the projects on the list, which is awesome.
    Got it? "Awesome", "awesome lists"... Perhaps this isn't so funny as I thought.

    ## January 2024

  • Interview with Glaucus Linux author: Firas Khana, Toca do Tux, 13th January 2024
  • This time, Prof. Silveira interviews Firas Khalil Khana (firasuke) about the glaucus project — with which Pindorama has started cooperating in October 2023 and intends to continue it further — and Copacabana is cited as one of the systems utilizing the Heirloom Toolchest NG.